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Vietnam Artillery Battery Layouts, 1965-1970 

Submitted by Charles Martin


The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863 

From the Library of Congress Online



Map - Assault by 3/18 and 19 artillery

An external link to the LZ X-Ray site

Major Unit Locations

Americal Realignment


Interactive Satellite Map of the Vietnam War

A great map showing camps, battles, landmarks, air bases, Logistics, Hospitals...



September 30. 1964 Ft. Lewis Washington.
Some new M-110 did not have names yet, 3rd Battalion 18th Artillery received these to replaced the Towed 8" Howitzer - 12 New M-110 Self Propelled Howitzers. We Fired all 12 at once and blew out Windows in Ft. Lewis and Tacoma Washington. After that ordeal they made us use Mt. Reiner and Yakima Washington.

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