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18th Artillery Group Member

Bernard D Vipond



          ► Basic training April 14, 1964  Ft. Knox,  KY
          ► 2nd - 8 Week training Ft. Lewis, Washington.


Bernie flew in on a Chinook with me (Charles Martin) landing at the Old Temporary Morgue and Air Strip Nov 4, 1965 - where and Engineer unit was killed the night before.  There was an old tin building near that morgue, next to that building was web gear, pistol belts, steel pot's, Canteens... every item stripped from the dead was piled there.  To this day the Morgue haunts him... to see it in his mind daily... and the dreams still haunt him.  Bernie can still hear his foot steps as he was out patrolling the valley every night.


Bernie pulled patrols every night with Sgt. Palofox or Sgt. Clarence M. Washington.  Bernie also pulled patrol's with an advance party man named Roy Woods.   We were to Secure that area until officers arrived... and none ever did.

Bernie was also hurt in shelling and mortar attack on April 13, 1966 -
7 American were killed in that attack and 133 VC were killed by perimeter guard's.
I left the Airport 3:30 AM flew to Tokyo as only one Plane would land to take us out. 

Bernie got out on next flight at Tan Son Knut Air Base Saigon. 

I saw Bernie as I was held in holding Area on a Bunk Covered with a Mattress. 

Bernie hurt his right Leg, and still limp's on that leg today.







Bernie in his APC could tear up Banana Tree's and Water Buffalo with that machine gun.


Bernard Vipond was always Whistle where ever he went at Ft. Lewis, and in his Shirt pocket was bottle Tabasco Sauce.  Since he was a perimeter Guard, with his APC, I have no idea how he got Tabasco Sauce unless it was sent to him from his parent`s from home.



Bernie was a day late on his ETS as he did not arrive in Oakland Calif. until April 15, 66 for his ETS.  Bernie pulled perimeter Guard at Pleiku Vietnam with A-Btry 3/18 Artillery to protect the 4- 8" Howitzers. 

Bernie & Mary Vipond have one Daughter and they make there home in Aledo, Illinois.


Photo taken Des Moines, Iowa April 10, '07


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