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18th Artillery Group Member

Carl Statum



     Americal Patch - Visit the 18th Artillery Crests & Patches page                                                1st Cavalry Patch - Visit the 18th Artillery Crests &; Patches page

           Carl Statum came to A-Btry Jan 25, 1966
           Took basic at Ft. Polk LA - August 1965
           2nd -Week training Aberdeen Proving Grounds




Carl, his wife Susan, and Daughter Anna Clair



Carl Statum came to us in A-Btry, 3/18 Artillery on Jan 25, 1966 at Pleiku Vietnam.
Carl was put on Gun #4... The Annihilator... with Rudy Dammier as driver, and Sgt Rafford as section Chief. Carl handled all fire mission on our A-Btry Battle plan - loosing his finger at Kontum trying to load a 200 pound round by hand - the automatic loader was broke.

Annihilator Driver Rudy Dammier

Sgt. Rafford section chief for Annihilator Howitzer #4


On one tragic day Carl was sent to pick up CPL. Kemple's head after it was Blown off - our brother Carl still today has problems with this in PTSD.  Kemple was put on 6/14 report as Killed in Action sent home to California as A-Btry, 3/18 Artillery.

Carl is one the men who can wear the 1st Cavalry patched that ended in Nov 1, 1966 - not getting into the army until after Nov 1, 1966.  Additionally he can wear the Americal patch.    Visit our Crests & Patches Page

Carl was Discharged Ft. Stewart Georgia August 1967.

Carl and Susan make there home in Alabama.

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