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18th Artillery Group Member

Chester White


          November 1970 Advanced Basic Training
          Left HQ 18th Artillery An-Khe Vietnam
          To Lackland Air Force Base.

Chester was one the chosen for Special Forces Green Beret!
Well we all know that 3 men out 100 make Special Forces, however, because the war was winding down there was pressure, hurry, and confusion... Chester would have made the Green Berets; Chester was put into the Rangers - still a great unit!

From 1971 to 1975  - flying in air craft,  choppers, and Chinooks - his unit covered South Vietnam, Cambodia, and unknown Laos areas,  to him to save POW `S and South Vietnam refugee's; picking them up and bringing them to a Camp to send to USA.
Chester was one of the men that the Army took your Dog Tags, wallet, and the name tag off your Shirt so you had nothing to Identify you - on these missions, if you were shot down, the Army... America...  didn't know you.
Well, Chester's plane was shot down... wounded, he made it to America Forces serving near there.  Chester carried Shrapnel in his shoulder for year's. 

Chester left Vietnam and was Discharged at July 1978 Altus Air Force Base.



I met Chester one morning at a cafe - the pain showed in his face.  I got him to go to PTSD class and they got him to a doctor and did surgery on his shoulder, as Chester could not work anymore (this was late 2000 or 2001).  Chester was in a couple PTSD meetings - He decided to go to Viet center once a week with his wife Barbara.  Awesome Chester!  A wife learned to live with a Vietnam Vet.
Chester can be seen in many Reunion pictures.  One thing I will never forget about a friend... Chester was at the Tulsa VA, when they carried me in, diabetes almost taking my leg (Oct 2002), he stayed and helped Sarah and the RN until they got me in room for treatment.

Chester while in Phoenix, VA in late April, '07 - I had a nurse, and we chatted, she did not know if she served with you, but the same thing happened to this Lady, nothing to Identify you!  I listen to her story's... they took all her stuff... anything that would Identify her.  I waited to chat with her next day but she was off work those 2 days.  I will get another chance, as often as I go to Phoenix...  I'll go to the heart floor to see if she working that day.  Nosey aren't I?  Smiling, I'll want to know more about the most screwed up war in history of the USA.

~ Charles Martin



Chester and Col. Sanchez

at the Peoria Reunion.



Chester White and his wife Barbara

make there home in Oklahoma.

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Reunion Pictures

Chester Drives a Spitfire he got in the Ozarks of Missouri.  It's up one hill  and down the other - driving to keep up with Trucker's and a Cadillac he didn't like he was sucking Gas never noticed his gas Gauge . Thanks Barbara for telling on him Chester 90 to 100 MPH is way to fast. Way to go Chester he ran out Gas. We Love you anyway.


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