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Sgt. Gregorio Mireles

Gregorio Mireles               
Born May 29, 1931 Los Ebanos, Texas
Married Betty J Estes Jan 6. 1953
Sgt. First Class Mireles served in Korea 1952
Sgt., First Class Mireles Germany 1 tour was 2/18 Artillery
Sgt., First Class Mireles  2nd tour was 2/18 Artillery
1963 was transferred to 3/18 Artillery as Chief Firing Btry
3/18 was sent from Germany to Ft Lewis Washington
June 1964 at Ft Lewis Washington he was Chief of Firinor 3/18 Artillery
men out Basic training joined 3/18 Artillery using Towed Howitzers for 2nd 8 Week Training July 4, 1964. After training we were issued the M-110 Self Propelled Howitzers,
Jan , 1965 the 3/18 Attached to 23rd Artillery Group were issued ordered for Vietnam.
We left Ft Lewis by train some rear Detachment closed base we Boarded the General Gordon making one stop at Okinawa then Oct 23, 1965 we reached Quin-Non Harbor Vietnam
3/18 left Ship Oct 28. 1965 to dig in until 1st Cavalry came picked the Btn up to join 1st Cavalry HQ joining them Oct 29, 1965 An Khe Vietnam.
Nov 2, 1965 men were sent to help fire mission `s 2/17 a 105 Howitzer unit Artillery. Sgt Timothy Marsh Section ran 21 Artillery a 105 Artillery unit. Sgt First Class Gregorio Mireles ran 88 Infantry strung along IA-Drang Valley to Catecka Tea Plantation to fight as Infantrymen November 4, 1965. putting us into 1st Field Forces
November 26 to 27, 1965  A-Btry 3/18 Arty with 4 -8 " Howitzer and convoy were sent to Pleiku Vietnam to Build Artillery Hill # 54 on way to Pleiku through Mang Yang Pass A-Btry routed the Enemy from Plei-Me to Plaice and to Kontum putting North Vietnamese back into Cambodia other hot spots were Dak -To Mireles was still Chief of Firing Btry.
Oct 30. 1966 Mireles rotated back to states
Again Duty called Sgt. First Class Mireles returned to Vietnam 1967/68 was called Chief of Smoke on Artillery Hill # 54 under Captain Rex Weaver.
Sgt. First Class Gregorio Mireles returned to Ft Lewis Washington where he retired in 1973.
On August 24. 2000 Sgt. First Class passed away at Madigan Hospital from surgery of Coronary Heart Disease at age 69 year `s old. Sgt., First Class Mireles was one the greatest man to serve with 1964 and in Vietnam under 1st Cavalry 1965/66 as Chief of Firing Btry 3/18 Artillery. Sgt. First Class Gregorio Mireles was Cremated August 24, 2000 part his ashes in Texas and Puyallup Washington with his Wife Betty and one Son Tony and 3 Daughter `s at Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel . Sgt. First Class Mireles was and Artilleryman all his entire Career.  Sgt. First Class Gregorio Mireles was first Chief of Firing Btry to serve in Vietnam War since the Korean War. Duty, Honor, Family.
It was and Honor to serve with such a Great man as Sgt, First Class Mireles

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