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18th Artillery Group Member

John Tomaro




  John Tomaro Hq Btry 1965/66
  Basic training Ft Dix New Jersey - July 1964
  2nd 8 week training Ft Sill Oklahoma

John was part of a split group of Aviation Airplane Mechanics -  part of the men went to Service the L-19, and others were sent out with Howitzers on guard Duty, B-C 3/18 Artillery as Metro, splitting HQ Btry into 2 unit's.


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John was sent to Ia-Drang Valley as part the 88th Infantry.  John arrived there by Chinook on Nov 4, 1965... John still laughs as his Birthday was November 4 and, because of International date time, he had his Birthday twice November on 4, 1965.


As a young man strung out across the Valley, he never knew where he really was at, or the men with him.





First Cavalry Division


Liberty Pass


Valid for visits to the town

of An-Khe  Map



John was Discharged in July, 1966 from An-Khe Vietnam but arrived in Oakland, California in June of 1966: he was discharged a month early.
John and his wife Arlene make there home Cohoes, New York.

Duty Honor Country Family!

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