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18th Artillery Group Association Member

Larry G Vanderdonck







Larry, and the LT, and Larry White, went to AN-Khe Vietnam to set up HQ and Perimeter as active duty 101st Airborne. When everything was secured they walked the area daily and never saw any of the 2000 NVA waiting on us. 1st Cavalry came in from in Korea and Ft. Benning, Georgia. 3/18 Artillery shipped out of Ft. Lewis - arrived in Quin-Non, Vietnam on Oct. 23, 1965. Unloaded ship there October 29, 1965 and moved to 1st Cavalry HQ An-Khe Vietnam.
Larry and his wife live in Tyner KY.



Angry Annie Accident of the Cold War

The worst U.S. ground training accident of the entire Cold War!


Photos from Larry's Home


Larry & Christine Vanderdonck family

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