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18th Artillery Group Association Member

Larry Ray Behrends



Larry Ray Behrends, 18th-artillery.com

Larry was there at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam - November 14 to November 26, 1965 - Unloading 6/14 and equipment to bring to An-Khe.


Date of Birth: September 4, 1942

Branch of Service: Army

2nd Provision Rifle CO.
Battery C, 3rd Battalion -18th Artillery
March 3, 1964 to February 22, 1966

Rank at Discharge: Corporal E-4

Honors and Medals received:

Military Service:

army good conduct medal, 18th-artillery.com Army vietnam service metal, 18th-artillery.com US Military Asst-Cmdr_Vietnam MAC-V

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Ray and Amy Larson, Larry Behrends, and Charles Martin

2nd Provision Rifle CO. - Meeting in Ames, Iowa - Ray and Amy Larson, Larry Behrends, and Charles Martin.  Larry was C-Btry 1965/66 - he and Capt. Dalys lead the 1st and 2nd section, they went to Cam Ranh Bay to unload troops (like 6/14 Artillery, all 175 gun's, men and Equipment) and moved them across country to An-Khe Vietnam on November 26, 1965.  It was a 5 day trip back to An-Khe - 175 Guns were turned over to Hq-3/18 Artillery for dispersal.

Larry Behrends, C-battery 1965-66

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