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Mike Kinomoto
18th Artillery Group Association Member
  • C-Btry 65/66 An-Khe Vietnam
  • Basic Training April 12, 1964 Ft. Ord Calif.
  • 2nd-8 Weeks AIT July 4, 1964 Ft. Lewis, Washington.
  • ETS April 12, 1966 -  Oakland, Calif.
  • C-Btry 65/66 2nd Provisional Rifle Co.
  • Makes his home in California

Mike went as 1st and 2nd Section with Captain Daly's, and men from Hq-Btry, to unload the 6/14 Artillery at Cam Rhan Bay - 175 Gun's and Equipment moved across country to An-Khe, Vietnam, 1st Cavalry Headquarters, on November 26, 1965.  All 6/14 men and equipment was turned in at 3/18 HQ in An-Khe, Vietnam for dispersal to all 3/18 unit's.

Mike Kinomoto, 18th-artillery.com member

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