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18th Artillery Group Member

Mike Rogers



Vll Corp was good enough to post Mike Rogers Photo of him taking this Photo on 2nd Floor at HQ 1/18 Artillery Sheridan - Kasserne, Augsburg.


NATO Equipment Test 1983


In the left photo you will see the Paladins Tested as new War Equipment. This Equipment was sent to various unit's and the 1/18 was Deactivated. The Paladins were sent to 2/18 and also 3/18 Artillery. Approximately 3 year's ago the 2/18 went to Missiles NLRS.


The photo on the right:  Mr. Tom Rogers (Mike Rogers Uncle) gave this Jacket to Mike's mother when Mike was around 3 year's old.  Mike keeps this jacket, and memories of the 3/18 Field Artillery he learned about while growing up. Mike has diligently followed the history of the 3/18 from the time we arrived in Vietnam Oct 25. 1965 up through the present.  Mike is a member of the 3/18 Artillery Association and has an outstanding love for the Association.

Thanks Mike,  for your love and for following us Vietnam men even during our Ia-Drang Valley Battles.


Charles E Martin

President & Historian

18th Artillery Group Association.

B- Btry 1-18 Artillery was testing our equipment with Russia 1983

B- Btry 1-18 Artillery was testing our equipment with Russia 1983.
When the pentagon closed the 1/18 in 1983, these men and their equipment were sent to 2/18,
and 2/18 went ---- MLRS---- so all went to 3/18 Artillery.

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