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18th Artillery Group Member

Ray Gegare


Basic Training April 1, 1964 - Ft. Leonardwood, MO
2nd 8 Week Training AIT July 4, 1964 - Ft. Lewis, WA




Ray Gegare took care of our little Dog, Alpha.  Once, at Kontum, (Vietnam) Alpha went into a South Vienam Special Forces camp.  A South Vienam LT Shot the dog because it was in there Special Forces Compound
Alpha Survived... but Captain Laslie and 1st Sgt. Schell was very upset with that LT. for shooting that Dog.  Lot of words were exchanged that day...  I wont repeat what was said for shooting our Mascot Dog.  The men saw to it that Alpha received a purple heart.





Ray Gegare's Military Vehicle

Operator's ID

Takio Fujii on left and Ray Gegare on Right

"We called this home."

Oct 28, 1965 - we unloaded at Quin-Non Vietnam
Ray fought as Infantry helping the 2/17 Artillery on there fire missions of 105 Howitzer's that were putting fire power into the IA-Drang Valley November 2, 1965.
Ray was sent to Pleiku Vietnam with A-Btry 3/18 Artillery
Ray was APC Driver used on Perimeter to guard the 4 -8" Howitzer `s.


Ray was Discharged April 1, 1966 at Oakland Calif.
Ray and his Wife Betty make there Home in Green Bay Wisconsin


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