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18th Artillery Group Member

Ruben Martinez


  Ruben Martinez - Ammo Driver.
  Basic at Ft. Leonardwood, MO - April 7, 1964
  2nd -8 weeks Training Ft Lewis, WA - July 4, 1964
  Discharge April 7, 1966 - Oakland, Calif.

A-Btry 3/18 Artillery coming ashore Oct 28, 1965

Ruben was sent November 2, 1965
Ruben was my Ammo Driver until March 1, 1966 on Arrival to Qui-Nhon Vietnam.
Ruben brought Ammo into 2/17 Artillery - a 105 unit.
Ruben helped on all fire missions and advanced with 2/17 Artillery to put fire power in to Ia-Drang Valley - Ruben loaded their howitzers with 105 rounds.

Ruben took this picture as we came ashore at Qui-Nhon, Oct 28, 1965.


Ruben no like Tigers



Ruben was at Kon Tum with A-Btry 3/18 Artillery when the Mountain yard people brought a tiger by his truck.  The tiger was killed by cross bow and poison Arrow's.  They carried it in on a Bamboo pole.


My being a Howitzer Driver... I took a look at this - March '66 - and Ruben said, "who are these people?"  

I said, "Ruben, Hell if I know.  I am not going down there and ask them there names."


Ruben Martinez and Sal Mattina built our 1st Shower out 55 Gal. Drums.


Ruben & Peggy Martinez make there home in Kansas City, MO.  


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