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18th Artillery Group Member

Tim Marsh



Enter Army in 1946, taking Basic training at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD .
Leaving ship at Quin-non Vietnam Oct 28, 65 Gen., Gordon he went Infantry also.  Tim's section was assigned to run the 21st Artillery.  Tim's Section moved all Equipment to 1st Cavalry HQ as they continued fire missions with 21st Artillery bearing down to help save the 7th Cavalry.  A-Btry 3/18 moved later to Pleiku with only 4-8" Howitzers - here was a man who did his job, and a leader.  Tim was also one of the Sgt. sent to Korea for Special Weapons training 6 week `s as Special Weapons trucks were removed from all unit `s.

Tim Spent two terms in Korea and two terms in Germany.
Duty.  Country , Honor.

Tim left Vietnam October 1966.
Tim was Discharged later at Ft, Sill Oklahoma 1972.

Tribute to Tim Marsh            

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