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Oldest Living Member

James Ed Spencer



Age of 17 Ed joined the US Army at Hazard, KY in 1950, took Basic Training at Ft. Knox Kentucky, 2nd 8 weeks of troop training (AIT) at Ft. Sill Ok, and then assigned to 553 Artillery training.  From there he was sent to Ft. Benning, GA and went to jump school (under the 511).


He was assigned back to the 553 at Ft. Campbell, KY, and then got orders to go to Korea  and was assigned to the 92nd Red Devil Armored Field Artillery.  He was at Heartbreak Ridge one year after being assigned to Korea.  (Clint Eastwood made the movie Heartbreak Ridge in 1986)


Ed left Korea (after 51) and was with the 750 Tokyo MP's, and was there for a year.

Then he was sent back to Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division (Assigned under Col. Joe Vinegar Jr. - both worked under Gen. McArthur)  snippit , was in Kum-wa valley ('51) and stayed until 1953.  He left the Army in 7th of Aug 1954.


On September 1954 Ed reenlisted into the Air Force and was stationed at Kelly AFB.  He was sent back to Japan and was in Communication World Svc with GEEIA Sqn. (Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency), then returned to Kelly AFB in San Antonio, TX until 1964.  Between '64 and '66 he was flying between Kelly AFB and Saigon, Vietnam.  He returned to the US at Shepard AFB and was an instructor in communications.  In '67 thru '68 he was back in Vietnam at the World Wide Communication Squadron as an instructor once again - he layed all the communication wire from Kontum, to Pleiku, to An-Khe.  He was there during the Tet offensive of 1968.  In 1968 he returned  from Vietnam and was assigned to Alaska Command GEEIA as ground electronics engineer and retired in 1971.


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Ed Spencer Rides for disabled veterans and for Veterans funerals with the Oklahoma Staff Member 133 CVMA


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