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                             MARLOW'S L-19 RIDE

                                Lear to Fly For Free

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Marlow and Betty Foster

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Oldest Living Member

Marlow Foster

Marlow was born in Woodward OK and drafted into the Army in 1955. He underwent basic training at Camp Chaffee, AK and Ft Sill, OK. Gyroscoped in Darmstadt, Germany in 1956 with the 553 Aviation Section. (The 553 went to Germany and secured the 18th Headquarters in '56-'58 - before the stand down and consolidation on June, 25th 1958.)  After his service, he returned to Woodward, OK and went to work for General Dynamics Aviation Company where he became a supervisor in 1962. Marlow retired on February 1, 2001 and now lives in North Texas near Lake Texoma.