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Oldest Living Member

Norman Windsor



Went into service July 11, 1949 - Took Basic at Ft. Chaffee, AR -

68-69 he was a 1st Sgt. with the 25th infantry division in Vietnam.

ETS (discharge) August 1975 At Ft. Sill
original 18th artillery personnel

Early '58 - went with the 553 to secure the 18th headquarters in Germany.

He was there when the 553 and the 544 were consolidated into the 18th Artillery Group (June 25, 1958).


Norm joined the Army July 11th 1949 and served with the 18th FA, which at that time was the only Field Artillery Battalion in the Army.

Norm went to Germany with the 3/18 FA Bn and in 1955 he went back to Germany with the 553 FA Bn. In 1958 he was with the 553 FA Bn when they stood down and became 3/18 FA Bn.

Norm served 12 years in Germany, 1 year in Korea, 1 year in Vietnam and retired in August 1975 to Lawton, OK.

Norm and Elsa Windsor

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