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18th Artillery Group Member

Chico Davila

A. (Chico) Davila
Took Basic at Ft. Polk, Louisiana - July 8, 1965
2nd 8 Weeks training at Ft. Ord, CA - Nov 11, 1965

Chico was one of the men sent to 3/18 Artillery, A-Btry




There were too many Truck Drivers - he was sent from Pleiku to An-Khe Service Btry.  Chico was not needed in Service Btry and was sent to 1/7 Cavalry where he worked Perimeter Guard.  He worked many times with the 7th Calvary, until his ETS in November 8. 1967






Chico was in IA-Drang Valley during the Nov 14 Battle of 1965.

Another time (after the battle) he was in valley floor checking a broken down Howitzer (operated by Palafox), that was held up supporting the 3/18 again.

Chico would always say, "there goes the most unluckiest men in Army" - a soldier doing his Duty, he just followed the 7th Cavalry wherever they went.


"While following Chico's Truck it was riddled with Bullets as 2-8" Rounds broke loose hitting Chico. I never left the Abolisher Howitzer, I had a crew of 7 to lead to safety as Chico got back into truck he left two 8" rounds, not fused, laying as Sgt Georke was yelling get the Convoy to get it moving. I drove around the Rounds, as they were not fused, to not do damage to my Howitzer or Convoy. "

The 7th Calvery was using the 175 gun.




Chico's been blind for several years. He went to Waco School for the Blind to learn to read in Braille and now he has a Computer Chip in his Eye to see.
He and his wife make there home in Texas
Chico says to the men "I will see you at Ft. Sill for the Sept '07 reunion."

Duty, Honor, Country, Family!

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