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18th Artillery Group Member

Ronald Jackobson



► Basic Training - June, 1964, Ft. Campbell, KY

► 2nd 8 Week - Ft. Lewis, WA A-Btry 3/18 Artillery

► Ronald was Service Btry

► in Battle of IA-Drang Valley

► Discharge Oakland, CA - November 1966


Ronald Jackobson fought with Chico Davila

- to defend the 7th Cavalry they fought with a 155 Howitzer.


Oct 23, 1965 - arrived at Quin-non Vietnam - sent to Service Btry, 3/18 Artillery, based at An-Khe Vietnam.  Ron was already in Service-Btry and we had too many Ammo Driver's.  Chico Davila was sent from A-Btry to Service Battery at An-Khe, Vietnam.  Service Btry did not need Davila and sent him to 7th Cavalry too...

Ron Jackobson - laying in bunk is A. Cortiz. 

Both Service Btry 65-66 with 7th Cavalry.

Ron Jackobson, 1965 - Service Btry as 7th Cavalry man.


Ron, Chico, and A. Cortiz became close friend's, they were sent to work with the 7th Cavalry until Discharged.  The three were in the IA-Drang-Valley Advance party and fought with a 155 Howitzer during this Battle.   Ron and Crew stopped at times to advance further in the Valley...



Chico Davila and Ron Jackobson

- Service Btry 1965 as 7th Cavalry men.

Jackobson, Davila,  and Coriz

Advance the 155 Howitzer - Service battery men as 7th Cavalry.

Ron say's at times during fire missions, North Vietnam Soldier's appeared; they stopped and shot the NVA Soldier's and continued there Fire mission's with a 155 Howitzer.  Ron said three men on the 155 howitzers were 7th Cavalry men helping them.  Ron took a M-60, placed it on the back of Dead NVA, and Riddled the tree line to drive the NVA army back - KIA unknown of North Vietnam Army.  Ron said one NVA had no rifle and surrender to him.
Ron and Chico said, that year with the 7th Cavalry was bad, they always said, "let's go follow the most unluckiest men in Army"...


Jacobson, Davila (White Shirt), and Cortiz.

Service Btry men, 1965 - as 7th Cavalry - IA Drang Valley.

155-Howitzer covering 7th Cavalry. 

Ron Jackobson, Chico Davila, and Cortiz.

Ronald lives in Hudson Florida and will soon call Kentucky his home.

Chico Davila in Texas.  See Chico's Bio.
A. Cortiz whereabouts is unknown.




Service Btry men of 1965-66, 3/18 Artillery - working with 7th Cavalry... kicked some Butt!
Ronald, see you at the 2008 reunion!

Duty - Honor- Country - Family!


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