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18th Artillery Group Member

Larry Nielsen





  Basic Training Ft. Polk Louisiana - April 15, 1964 -2nd Brigade
  2nd - 8 Weeks training July 4, 1965, Ft Polk.
  Discharge Oakland Calif. April 18, 1966

  Merged with 18th at Ft Lewis after Sept 4, 1964.


On November 2, 1965 Larry was sent to the 2/17 Artillery - a 105 unit firing into IA-Drang Valley.  Larry loaded ammo all night on these fire mission's and hurt his back.  He was sent to a camp where two Air Force officers, and two other 3/18 men were; approx. 300 meters from the Temporary Morgue and Air Strip.

     Larry by the Clothes locker at Ft. Lewis

       and in Pleiku Vietnam

Defense Personnel Records for Larry Nielsen











Since Larry was hurt they sent him to Camp Halloway at Pleiku.   While there, he saw all the dead bodies, already bagged from 7th Cavalry, for shipment home.
Larry served with A-Btry 3/18 Artillery and was sent to Tan Son Knut air base in Saigon.  While there, a mortar came through the door between Larry and Takio Fujii killing a Sgt. that was ETS home.  Larry spent 5 hour's in a sewer ditch covered with a mattress as you could feel heat of these mortars. (April 13, 1966 - note the date of attack on Army record's)


Larry and Vivian Nielsen make there home in Bull Head City, Arizona.

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