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Oldest Living Member

Mike Kraft



  Mike Kraft was inducted into the US Army 28th November 1955

  He served his basic training at Ft Leonard Wood, MO (Co A Recon Bn).

  Mike was assigned to 553 FA Bn. Ft Sill OK February 27, 1956.


As Part of Operation Gyroscope, on July 12, 1956 he left Ft. Sill and sailed for Germany where he was stationed with the 553 FA Bn in E.L. Kaserne Darmstadt.  He returned from Germany to the US on September 10, 1957 and from 1957 to 1959 served with the USAR (Ready Reserve) Co F, 338th INF Regt.  (The 553 went to Germany and secured the 18th Headquarters in '56-'58 - before the stand down and consolidation on June, 25th 1958.)  From 1959 to 1961 he his served Standby Reserve: Supply Clerk Headquarters' Battery Clerk School: (Supply SGT) Leingrees Germany 1956- 8 weeks.

Mike was responsible for the addition of the distinguishing

arc on the 553 Artillery Patch from the original crest design.


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Mike Kraft, Lewis Reinke, Tony Sluzenski, Marlow Foster

Mike Kraft, Lewis Reinke, Tony Sluzenski, Marlow Foster


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Michael & Sharon Kraft



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