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Outline of unit history of the 18th artillery and 553 artillery - consolidated into the 18th artillery group in June 25, 1958.


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18th Artillery Campaign Participation




History of the General Gordon

Troop transport ship
First team over to Vietnam
Sailed from Oakland CA in Sept. of  '65
Landed Vietnam Oct. 23, 1965
28 days

5000 men going to war


Click here and view a clipping from ships magazine, also called The General Gordon, giving a brief history of the ship.


88th infantry interactive Flash feature - click to open - photo by Takio Fujii

88th infantry interactive feature - click to open - photo by Takio Fujii, Nov 4, 1965


The Ally-oop howitzer used in Vietnam LZ Cindy


(Photo by Charles Martin)

Abolisher Mang Yang Pass - 1965




Additional Mang Yang Pass narrative:


  • 1st Section - The Abolisher
  • 2nd Section - The Ace
  • 3rd Section - Alley-Oop
  • 4th Section - The Annihilator

The Annihalator howitzer

2nd Section, under Sgt. Garrett (chief of section)
and Sal Mattina as driver.


The 18th & The 553



553rd Field Artillery Battalion / 18th Artillery Group
From the civil war on...


3rd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery Unit History

1916 - present


3rd of the 18th History

from civil war to Vietnam


1st - 5th Display Cases at Fort Sill Museum


Angry Annie Cold War Accident





The Battle of Gettysburg and the

18th Artillery fish hook Crest

A great Interactive Map of Vietnam!

A painting I had done by artist D. Bush

A painting I had done by artist D. Bush. I have just published it. I am sending a copy so you can see what it look likes. This was done by taking 7 photo that were taken in Viet Nam.

1/30 was part of the 18th, they wore Red Scarf's to show them as Artillery. At Ft. Lewis we were all attached to 23rd Artillery Group. The 3/18 was sent to Vietnam first it was a 23 day Ship ride on the General Gordon. The 1/30 followed us and were stationed at Dak To Feb -1966. The 23rd, out of Ft. Lewis, made sure we were supplied when we reached Vietnam. They showed up Oct 30th, 1966 with 9 Battalions.

The Batteries:

  • A Btry - stayed at Pleiku, all the men in A Btry are 88th Infantry - had 4 gun sections
  • B Btry - was at Bong Song and cleared it out, then moved to Chu-Lie for permanent camp.  Half of the men serviced the L-19 planes and "bubble" helicopters, the other half manned the guns - had 4 gun sections
  • C Btry - stayed at An-Khe the whole 5.5yrs - had 4 gun sections
  • Service Battery stayed an An-Khe
  • HQ was at An-Khe


The Original

18th Field Artillery Bn. Crest


The Original

1st Bn. 18th Artillery Crest


544th Field Artillery Bn. Crest

Consolidated into the 18th in '58

1964 - Fort Lewis
12 M-110 Self Propelled Howitzers

Read About the 12 new Howitzers
incident at Fort Lewis

First for freedom - I Field Force Vietnam, Distinctive Unit Insignia
"First for Freedom"
I Field Force Vietnam
Distinctive Unit Insignia

88 men sent to Ia-Drang Valley:
3rd-Batallion 18th Artillery, and A-Battery 3/18 Artillery, from Oct 1965 until November 1, 1966, until Americal took over.  We used some of B-Battery, and a few from Commo Section Service Battery, to make up the 88 men sent to Ia-Drang Valley.  The men of 1965 to 1966 wear this Crest. Sgt Gregerio Mireles and Palofox lead the way, plus Sgt Garrett.

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